A taste of adventure in every bite

Just one bite from a juicy Jaffa Orri and you’re sold.
A burst of aroma blends into its distinct delicious taste, creating an uplifting experience you’ll want time and again.

What else would you expect from such a delicious mandarin?

Distinct sweet taste

Citrus lovers can’t get enough of the perfectly sweet balance.

Remarkably Juicy

Every succulent segment is mouth- watering and energizing.

Easy to peel

Protective peel hugs the fruit and peels off in seconds.

Appetizing color & shape

Luscious orange color sets Orri apart from other peelables.

Few Seeds

Orri is virtually seedless – with zero to few seeds.

Marketing Benefits

Orri’s popularity has been steadily gaining ground to the point that demand is seldom met. With its especially long ripening period and extended shelf life, Orri makes the perfect late variety fruit to top off the citrus season.


Long season
High Demand
Premium Brand
Lasting shelf life