Demand for Israel’s Orri mandarins ‘sky high’ in 2023 season

original Orri Jaffa

There seems to be some respite for Israel’s citrus industry with good weather during harvest, a slightly better exchange rate, smooth shipments and sky high demand and good prices in markets. According to Orna Inbar, sales and promotions specialist at Israel’s Plants Production and Marketing Board, despite a late start to the season they expect 100 000 tons of Jaffa Orri mandarins, which is 18% more than last season.

“Jaffa Orri mandarins, developed I by Israeli scientists, is the king of all easy peelers in terms of taste, color, size, and aroma – are by all means the most demanded mandarins worldwide. This season has started slightly later than last year. We are expecting 100 000 tons of which 10% already supplied, which is a slightly higher volume compared to last season. Consumers chased Orri since Christmas time and with lots of patience the first fruits reached European markets. Thanks to good weather conditions these days, the harvest is ongoing daily and shipments are loaded day by day. The first arrivals found a hungry market for Orri and demand is sky high with good prices. Last week rains with moderate temperatures allow fruits to gain its ultimate sweetness ratio. The first shipments to America are still on the way to meet demand and follow preseason programs and campaigns,” explains Inbar.

Israel’s citrus season started in October with Star Ruby being exported with good yield and demand says Inbar. “Jaffa ruby is exported worldwide despite logistic challenge to China and Japan. Demand is as good as quality and all markets consume every quantity that is available. The Jaffa Grapefruit demand is as a result of decades of investment by Israeli farmers in high quality to cover quantities and market demands. Shipments and sales are expected until May with quantities similar to last year.”

Inbar describes Orri mandarin as a unique easy peel fruit in all aspects that enjoys a long season. “We expect shipments to continue until May with good markets situation in Europe and North America. The biggest European markets are in France with high demand, followed by Germany, UK, Switzerland and others. We trust identifying the Jaffa Orri specification, would provide consumers with maximum and unique enjoinment throughout 2023 season,” concludes Inbar.