Orri – Jaffa’s golden child


Product of extensive R&D

Few people know that the original Jaffa Orri has a long history of nearly 30 years. The project was initiated in 1989 as a collaborative effort at Israel’s world renowned Agricultural Research Organization, the Volcani Center. The extensive research led by leading citrus breeders and botanists managed to develop an exceptional lineup of mandarin cultivars that hit their objectives. The new cultivars were planted in experimental plots across the country, and with results being better than anticipated, the rest is history.


Always in demand

The later crowned “mandarin king” made its market debut in the early 2000s, quickly taking the Israeli market by storm. Despite accelerated orchards planting efforts, consumers simply couldn’t get enough, and demand kept falling short of supply. Year after year, as yields increased, Orri remained the premium brand of choice.


Jaffa's rising star

Today, Orri’s popularity has been steadily climbing in markets such as France, UK, Holland, Germany, Russia, Canada and the US, and lately also China and Japan. While Israel remains the largest single exporter of Orri mandarins, licensed growers now exist in Spain, South Africa, South America and the US.


Taste the difference

Orri stands for distinctive fruity flavor, tender juicy bites, and easy to peel quality with zero to few seeds. We welcome you to take part in Orri’s global success. Simply contact any of our distributors below to explore the golden opportunities.

Orri Specifications

Orri contains just the right level of juice and low acidity to bring out its full-bodied sweetness.

  • Brix:

    14 to 15%

  • Juice:

    About 55%

  • Acidity:

    0.7 to 0.9%

  • Diameter:

    55 to 65 mm

  • Segments:

    12 to 14

  • Weight:

    80 to 120 grams

  • Seeds:

    Zero to few

  • Season:

    Northern Hemisphere: January to April
    Southern Hemisphere: July to September

Nutritional Facts

Values: in 100 grams

  • Vitamin C:

    48,8 mg

  • Water:

    86,6 ml

  • Calories:

    47 Kcal

  • Protein:


  • Fat:


  • Carbohydrate:


  • Fiber:


  • Sugars: